Portable construction heat solutions for ground thaw;
concrete curing;
and air heat.
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For almost 7 years in the portable heater rental business, we've served numerous sectors of the market with heat services.

Our trained technicians and sales staff are among the leaders in the industry and they have the knowledge and skill to provide you with a design to meet your application needs.

Our portable heaters make your project safer, more efficient, and help lower your operating and insurance costs better than traditional methods.

Bed Bug

An eco-friendly method
of thermal remediation
to eliminate bed bugs
and other pests.
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The Heat-N-Go Thermal Solution is the quickest, safest, cleanest, most cost-effective and the most efficient way to kill bed bugs.

Our Thermal Remediation® process uses controlled temperatures above 45°C (120° Fahrenheit) kill bugs quite rapidly. Heat-N-Go uses electric heaters – so there are no open flames – and the high temperature is controlled and maintained until every last one of them – and their eggs – is dead.